Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5th June 2010 "Who Says Punk Is Dead" Pt 2

Featuring our special guest:
Kill The Apprentice (Australia)- garage punk & rock n roll
Whatever That Means (South Korea) - punkrock ala bad religion & mxpx

Plus local act:
Berantakan (KL) - chaos punk
Finger Inc (JB) - punkrock fronted female vokalis.members of priceless stupid box.
Orkes Kaki Kayuh (JB) - punk santai
Comradikal (JB) - punkrock like propagandhi meets rise against.
Wesgem (JB) - 3 pieces punkrock members of Plague Of Happiness, Syahid & Damokis.

5th june 2010

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  1. embrace hall tak buat gig lagi?